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Claude B. Lavallee, Esq.


In 1988 Claude B. Lavallee, Esq. completed his JD/MBA from John Marshall Law School and passed the bar exam for the state of Illinois.  Attorney Lavallee began his legal career in general practice.  He was hired into the same firm where he had clerked throughout his four years of law school.  He then accepted a position as corporate counsel for a large insurance company.  As a litigator, Attorney Lavallee handled legal defense matters for insurance coverage claims until 1996.  Through countless hours of discovery, production of documents, and preparation of expert testimony he brought jury trial cases to a successful verdict.

In 1996 Claude moved back to his home state of Massachusetts with his wife and three children.  He opened a general legal practice in the heart of Lexington where he continues to serve the people of Greater Middlesex County. 

Attorney Lavallee's legal career covers a period of more than thirty years.  1,500+ depositions and hundreds of jury trials demonstrate his extensive understanding of the law.  This unique combination of legal expertise and business acumen enhances Claude's ability to counsel his clients through critical life decisions.

Several Open Books

Professional Experience. Exceptional Results.

Legal counsel - Lexington, MA

Claude B. Lavallee, JD, MBA is a Massachusetts practicing Attorney (State and Federal Licensure) with varied experience and expertise. His law practice includes Estate Planning (Wills and Probate Administration), legal services in Real Estate Transactions (Bank Closings), Litigation (including Personal Injury), varied Insurance Coverage Issues (including Long-Term and Short-Term Disability Claims), as well as Small Business advice and assistance in formation of corporate structures. This varied background is supported by extensive experience in Trial and Court work.

Attorney Lavallee has served the Lexington legal community for over 25 years and has been a member of various civic organizations.  He is a board member of the Massachusetts Bar Association and has served as a provider for the ARAG legal Insurance for several years. Office consultations are available in the Metropolitan Boston Area at the Lexington office location and in Groton upon request.


  • John Marshall Law School | Chicago Illinois - JD/MBA Degree (1988)

  • University of Massachusetts Amherst | Amherst, Massachusetts - BBA in Business & Finance (1980)

  • University of Angers | Angers, France - Certificate of Merit in French (1978)

    • Fluent in French​

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